Reef Residence

Reef Residence


Living a solace life style never came true until the inception of Reef Residence. Embrace Reef Residence – an apartment building consisting of ten lavish apartments, with an alluringly designed exterior and interior.

Calm your senses and enjoy the breathtaking sunset from your balcony. Reef Residence is situated at the heart of Hulhumale’, Neighbourhood 2; one of the rapidly developing areas.

Luxurious Design

Three wide roads culminate to give rise to the unique setting of Reef Residence, oriented towards north with both of its east and west shaded by neighboring buildings. The diverse lifestyles of the families living at Reef Residence animate the eastern façade through the use of sun shutters during different times of the day and throughout the year. Patterns used on the façade are inspired from the site; connecting the building to its site. Reef inspired colors give life to the building and its families.
Bedroom entrances are smartly hidden from immediate view placed separate from main living areas by the hallway providing the needed solitude and serenity at home.
Bedrooms are designed to accommodate two or more possible furniture layouts.
The spacious living area flows into the dining and kitchen, creating an ideal setting for everyday living and for hosting family gatherings.

Greener Living

Building is designed to respond to climate through passive solutions, harnessing free natural resources and careful selection of materials contribute to the optimization of the operational energy of the overall building and promote a healthier lifestyle and reduce energy bills.
  • Sun shutters on eastern façade openings
  • Tinted windows for heat gain reduction
  • Low VOC paints throughout the building
  • Natural air flow and cross ventilated interior spaces
  • Low VOC paints throughout the building
  • Water conserving sanitary ware
  • Recycling facilitated waste management area


Enjoy numerous wonderful moments with loved ones watching spectacular sunsets or the full moon rise on this modern roof garden. The multipurpose room is the perfect place to start a game of Uno with your neighbors. Recline in any of the three lounge decks to dine with family, catch up with friends, enjoy your favorite novel or swing away with the cool night breeze.

Beautiful Views

Enjoy the spectacular landscape of Hulhumale city centre from your living area, or bask yourself in spectacular sunrises and breathtaking sunsets from the covered balconies and open roof garden while enjoying a cup of tea, with family and friends.
Creating a dramatic first impression, the play of light during the day and night on the vibrant exterior gives the building its signature look.

The prominent location offers the families the easy access to health facilities, transport, shopping, retail and social facilities. Become part of a community that enjoys privileges of connectivity, without losing a sense of privacy and security.
A location with excellent sight lines towards the planned central civic space of Hulhumale.
The landscaped streets and plentiful playgrounds set the perfect environment to enjoy outdoors, you will find yourself walking more, running or cycling. Calming vistas soothe the mind and reinvigorate the body.

A carefully landscaped and gently sloped footpath brings one to the secured lobby where the ground floor apartments could be reached and upper apartments accessible by lift and stairs. Efficiently planned external and internal circulation maximizes the available square footage to each individual apartment.

Ground Floor

First to Fourth Floor


Reef Residence is more than just a home.

  • Passenger Lift
  • Electronic access control system
  • CCTV System
  • Garbage Collection System
  • Open terrace for retreat
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Dry Riser system

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